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Lose up to 30 lbs with our 6 WEEK KETO QUEST PROGRAM

KETO QUEST is a medically developed ketogenic diet that has proven successful in helping people lose weight and keeping it off. 

The Obesity Epidemic

The North American diet has led to 2/3 of the population to become overweight or obese. Obesity is now considered a major epidemic of our time and the cause of several health complications such as; heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and cancer. Our high carbohydrate diet, insulin dysfunction, and sedentary lifestyle have been major contributors to the obesity epidemic. Hickory Weight Loss’ goal is to address the issues surrounding obesity and provide a healthy lifestyle program. 

The Key to Ketosis

The key to ketosis is to eliminate the need for insulin in our body. Insulin is a hormone that breaks down carbs into glucose to be used as quick energy. It also locks the fat into our body to only be used in time of extreme need. Our program focuses on a healthy, low carbohydrate and very low sugar diet to eliminate insulin. Once you have eliminated insulin, your body can focus on metabolizing fat and lean muscle for energy. We include in our diet natural protein as well as quality protein supplementation with Quest Nutrition products. By adding an adequate amount of quality protein and decreasing carb intake your body will mainly metabolize fat into ketone bodies, thus putting you into a state of ketosis and losing weight and unwanted fat. 


Our program has 3 areas of focus to help you lose weight.

DIET – We use 3 quality Quest Nutrition protein products a day along with a healthy low carb diet to get you into ketosis and lose weight.
INJECTIONS – Our LIPO-B12 injections have Inositol to help regulate insulin and keep you in ketosis as well as an energy boost from the B12.
EXERCISE – 30 min for 3-5 days per week will help you burn more calories and lose weight. Our partnership with 9Round will help provide a good workout.
Once you reach your goal weight you need to focus on maintaining your weight.

Next Steps…

 Start melting those pounds away with Medical HCG Injections. It’s not only effective weight loss…it’s sensible. Call us today to start your HCG weight loss journey at (828) 358-0000.